Kelly Bayer Photography
My name is Kelly Bayer. I am a photographer that resides in the St. Louis Area. I've been doing photography most of my life. I went to school for four years studying various types of photography. I have professional studio training and I am currently employed at a portrait studio.

Good quality photos for a decent price. I also Shoot HD Videos in a wide angle with my GoPro camera, great for a fun way to share a memory.

some nightlife photos are listed as RATCITYRAGE (former name) photos

I shoot digital photography as well as film.

Equipment: Canon Rebel Xsi. GoPro HD Hero. Pentax K1000, Canon AT-1

I have a passion for art. I believe a photo is more than just a picture, but a moment in life you'll never get back. I'm here to help you cherish your memories.
Kaden & Mom
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